Our Entrepreneurs

At PlusPlus you invest directly in small and medium-sized agricultural and food entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You directly make an impact, to increase food production and create jobs. These investments are not without risks. We always recommend reading the financial information of the company you are choosing to invest in. Make sure you understand the investment before you commit. Learn more on the risk page or check out our FAQ.

BorrowerCountryPartner sinceRevenueLiquidityEquity / total assets
KissimaMali22 June 2021€152,08556.00%-14.00%
KDCLKenya23 April 2021€204,730450.00%84.00%
Las RosasColombia19 March 2021€101,705177.00%72.00%
FruvexNicaragua19 March 2021€135,603560.00%99.60%
IbakaricGhana19 March 2021€5,705311.00%53.00%
Y-PiesieGhana19 March 2021€8,507183.00%36.00%
Superfine Africa Nuts Kenya28 January 2021€2,913,71699.54%46.62%
Blessed Kay & KayGhana10 December 2020€6,485161.00%69.00%
Trustworthy GHGhana10 December 2020€6,811210.00%60.00%
Okyesonyame Ne WoGhana 1 December 2020€9,269396.00%66.00%
DivineBenin 1 November 2020€117,275143.29%82.10%
ApolloKenya 1 September 2020€3,000,000273.00%54.00%
Pod ChocolateIndonesia13 July 2020€888,877430.00%55.00%
Sereni FriesKenya 1 July 2020€581,30466.05%57.99%