How PlusPlus works

PlusPlus in 5 simple steps
Step 1

Choose the entrepreneurs who you want to support

Step 2

Create an account (via Lendahand)

Step 3

Decide on your loan amount (starting from €50)

Step 4

Receive your repayments every 6 months

Step 5

Repeat the 4 steps for even more impact

Watch this short video and learn how you give money meaning at PlusPlus

Step 1: Choose a project

Do you think it's important that your money supports a female entrepreneur? Or do you just love avocados and therefore enjoy lending it to an avocado farmer? At PlusPlus, you choose who you lend money to. Each business is carefully screened, thanks to our global network of local partners. Which project do you choose?

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Step 2: Easy payment

You can already participate from €50 and your entire loan amount goes to your project; PlusPlus does not hold back anything. Payment is simple via iDEAL. For this, you create an account at Lendahand (of which PlusPlus is a part). In your account you will find a handy overview of your loans and scheduled repayments.

Step 3: Communication is key

We like to keep you updated. That's why we communicate personally and openly. You get a message when your project starts and when you receive a repayment. But also when your entrepreneur sends a video with an update. This way you are always informed.

Step 4: Your money is repaid and...

Every 6 months part of your loan is repaid. We take care of this for you; you don't have to do anything. The money is deposited into your account. You decide whether you need the money yourself or whether you want to lend it out again to create even more impact.

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