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PasarMIKRO 2

Can technology improve the income of vulnerable farmers in Indonesia? Yes, it can! PasarMIKRO shows how. This agri-tech company connects thousands of farmers and small traders through a simple app on their cell phones. This online marketplace provides important information and advice, as well as the ability to pay digitally and apply for credit. Thus, farmers get paid instantly, at better prices, and structurally improve their income. So did this egg farmer from East Java: "Thanks to PasarMIKRO, I get paid immediately. I can now buy new chicken feed faster and of better quality. This produces more eggs to sell."

  • 1 new jobs
  • 1440 people reached
Amount needed
12 months
Impact loan
Still €8,250 needed, 31 days to go


In Rwanda, smallholder farmers, especially women, find it challenging to secure loans. However, access to finance is crucial for unlocking their potential and achieving success. Sibomana, one of the farmers who benefited from a Clecam loan, shares: 'Before joining the cooperative, I had no job and stayed home without any income. But with the loan, I could sow the land in time, which doubled our yields. The additional income helps cover my children's school fees, medical expenses, and other household costs.” With your investment, Clecam helps 47 farmers in Rwanda to improve their living conditions.

  • 47 people reached
Clecam Ejo-Heza
Amount needed
6 months
Impact loan
Still €10,400 needed, 50 days to go

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