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Cosecha 2

“Smallholder farmers don’t have to choose between higher yields or sustainable agriculture”, says John Gohring, co-founder of Cosecha Partners. This social enterprise enables Nicaraguan farmers to do both while building a sustainable income for their families. In a country with high poverty levels, vulnerable to the impact of climate change, Cosecha Partners’ strategy is making a real impact. Through organic production of high-end products like coffee, cocoa and chia seeds, 4,392 farmers are improving their livelihoods while restoring their land. With this second loan, they can provide this solution to more farmers.

  • 6 new jobs
  • 212 people reached
Cosecha Partners
Amount needed
6 months
Impact loan

Starts at: 10 October 2022 10:00

Still €25,000 needed, 62 days to go

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