The impact of your loan

Give your money meaning with PlusPlus

A well-filled bank account is great, but the potential of that money is even greater. If you lend money via PlusPlus (which is a part of Lendahand), you choose to give your money meaning. Your investment has an impact on people on the other side of the world. Thank you, gracias and terima kasih!

What does PlusPlus want to achieve?

Companies in the agriculture and food sector make a real difference in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They help to fight against poverty and prevent food shortages in many countries. In an ideal world you would expect banks to be lining up to support these important companies with the financing they need to grow. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Despite their importance, these companies are also risky investments. A harvest can fail. It can be difficult to transport and store products that spoil quickly. Due to the climate crisis this is increasingly common. Inadequate infrastructure also causes bumps in the road.

PlusPlus believes it is important to support entrepreneurs who take these risks. That is why we gather a crowd of investors who understand the importance of jobs and food security, especially in developing countries. We often support entrepreneurs not only financially, but also with training and advice. This is how we can help them to achieve sustainable growth.

More and more and more impact

If you invest in one of our entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food sector, you actually support a lot of people. Because when a company thrives, so can the community in which it operates. For example:

  1. You provide a loan to Humphrey's business.
  2. Grace hires farmers Martin and David as additional suppliers.
  3. Healthy food will become available on the local market.
  4. Martin and David receive a higher and more stable income.
  5. Martin and David's families have more to spend.

An added bonus: Grace now has the means to invest in new techniques. Think of a biodigester. Her company is suddenly a lot more environmentally friendly.

No hunger, but food production and economic growth

The United Nations has drawn up 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce poverty and inequality worldwide. Each of these SDGs addresses a specific problem. All goals must be achieved by 2030. At PlusPlus we will do our utmost to help the world achieve these goals.

We actively contribute to these goals:

In addition, our work also positively contributes to the following goals:

In 2023, we celebrate these successes with you:

  • 35 agricultural entrepreneurs in 14 countries have received affordable access to finance.
  • Over 1,6 million EUR in loans sourced from our crowd.
  • 427 new jobs created.
  • 14,018 farmers have increased and stabilized their income.
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