"We inhabit the globe together, consuming alone is not an option"

Angela's eye fell on a PlusPlus ad in a random magazine. It caught her attention and the page landed on a pile of to-read material. Now, she too is investing in a few PlusPlus projects. "We have to keep striving to leave behind a better world," she says.


53-year-old Angela Broekhuizen lives in the middle of the country and works in Human Resources. She believes it is important to do something for other people. "I am very aware of our luxury and wealth and think that together we really have to keep this globe a good place to live. That's why I like to dedicate myself to other people and the world." For example, Angela provides practical help for vulnerable families and refugees, has never been shy about going around with a collection box, and regularly takes a trash bag and pickaxe with her when she goes for a walk. 



"In Europe, the gap between men and women may be minimal by now. But on the other side of the world, it is often a different story. At PlusPlus, I see a great opportunity to invest in more equality in developing countries. That's why I deliberately choose female entrepreneurs to lend money to. I like to give them my trust, because women are generally good at planning and organizing." 



"I really see my investment in PlusPlus as a loan. Of course I hope the money will come back, because then I can reinvest it in another project. I like that concept. Letting money just sit in your savings account doesn't provide any return at all, it might even cost you money. I realize that there are risks involved, but nevertheless I think this is a good way to help people who are less fortunate."



Angela has experience in the nonprofit sector and, in part because of that, she stays sharp on charity organizations use the money. "I see that quite a bit of money that is meant for charity is also used for overhead. It is understandable, but during my work for a nature organization I always tried to stay critical of it. When I hear that charity organizations are flying all over the world for meetings, it does make me frown."


Small projects

It is nicer to directly put money into small, targeted projects than give it to large aid organizations, Angela thinks. "Some of the companies PlusPlus provides loans to are pretty big. But when I read that many small farmers are helped by such a company, I get really excited. Sometimes you doubt whether it will ever be possible to keep the world habitable, for example if you look at the situation in the Horn of Africa, where there is great need due to the persistent drought. But as long as I don't have any financial problems, I will gladly continue to contribute and keep the hope that every little bit matters."

Did you know that with PlusPlus, 100% of your loan goes to the entrepreneur you chose? Check out our open projects here!