Delayed repayment, what does that mean...?

While the vast majority of PlusPlus loans are repaid right on time, there are currently a few scheduled payments that are delayed. We're transparent about that. Maybe you've been notified yourself that a planned repayment to you is taking a little longer. And perhaps you are wondering what will happen next. That’s why we hereby explain what this means and how we deal with it.


International Womens Day: improve access to finance for female entrepreneurs

Women are more likely to start a business that has a positive impact on their environment. This was concluded by ABN Amro, based on its own research into inclusive banking in the Netherlands. That same study reports that women have more difficulty finding financing for their businesses, which is one of the reasons why women's businesses generally show less growth. But if that’s already the case in the Netherlands, how are things in Africa, where the gender gap is generally wider?


What PlusPlus can do for SMEs

Suppose you have your own business somewhere in Asia, Africa or Latin America. A well-run business in the agricultural sector, with several employees, reliable suppliers and regular customers. Why would you turn to a platform all the way in the Netherlands? Our Investment Manager Lars explains....


These companies are growing already

In 2021, eighteen entrepreneurs received loans from PlusPlus investors. Eighteen different companies, in different countries, who have at least 1 thing in common: Thanks to PlusPlus they were able to grow! What did they do with those loans and what has it brought them so far? Here are a few examples...


Female entrepreneurship in practice: visiting Kissima in Mali

This month PlusPlus’ entrepreneur Kissima Industries received a guest. During his trip to West Africa, Cordaid director Kees Zevenbergen took the time to visit the Malian company of madam Assitan Keita. It was an interesting visit, with a focus on female entrepreneurship.


Businesswoman Annelies: "I assume the good in people"

The versatility of Annelies van der Vorm cannot be captured in one sentence. What characterizes the Rotterdam businesswoman is that she is a very social entrepreneur. Successful but modest. "I am fortunate to have a lot of energy and live from gratitude". As an investor in PlusPlus, she talks about her perspective on life and where her broad social commitment comes from.


The search for entrepreneurs: behind the scenes in Colombia

Curious how we find the companies on PlusPlus? It all starts with our local colleagues. From Solidaridad and Cordaid offices around the world, they are the ones on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs. Pedro Valarini, our colleague in Colombia, tells us all about it.


"A small gesture can trigger a lot"

Investor Arno Huibers (67) has been providing people with moments of happiness for decades. As a clown or mime he likes to bring a bit of happiness to people, whether they are children, adults or people with dementia. But he is certainly not lacking in long-term vision either.

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