"When people believe in you, it really makes a difference"

Marielle Wiegmans knows better than anyone else what challenges an entrepreneur faces. As a corporate finance advisor, it is daily business for her to help start-ups, among other things. "To be successful, you have to have the right people around you. If someone believes in you, that really makes a difference!"


"You don't have to be rich to be influential."

"So many people think they have no influence, but anyone can share. You don't have to have much to do so," says Bianca de Bree. This investor shows that everyone can do something meaningful for others. Read her personal story here.


"A strong middle class really makes a country more stable."

Poverty and injustice are important themes for Major Wietse Kooistra. They determine most of the choices this investor makes. "The things I do have to be right in both the heart and the head," he says. That applies to his job, but also to the financial decisions he makes. "A loan to PlusPlus is not guaranteed, but it is a reliable investment. The transparency and sustainability really appeal to me."


Businesswoman Annelies: "I assume the good in people"

The versatility of Annelies van der Vorm cannot be captured in one sentence. What characterizes the Rotterdam businesswoman is that she is a very social entrepreneur. Successful but modest. "I am fortunate to have a lot of energy and live from gratitude". As an investor in PlusPlus, she talks about her perspective on life and where her broad social commitment comes from.


"A small gesture can trigger a lot"

Investor Arno Huibers (67) has been providing people with moments of happiness for decades. As a clown or mime he likes to bring a bit of happiness to people, whether they are children, adults or people with dementia. But he is certainly not lacking in long-term vision either.

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