Milestone for PlusPlus: €1,000,000 invested in impact

Great news! About 1.5 year after PlusPlus was launched, we have reached our first million. An amazing amount, which our investors (that's you) have jointly lent to entrepreneurs in developing countries to make an impact. And we are extremely proud of that.... 



As you know, PlusPlus is a new way to contribute to less poverty in the world. Not with a donation, but with a loan to talented agricultural entrepreneurs who, thanks to your loan, can grow their business and boost the local economy. This creates impact, such as new jobs for young people, more sustainable food production and more income for many. 


Impact for many

This impact can already be seen. With the 1 million euros lent so far, 23 companies in 9 countries were able to ensure that 10,853 farmers and their families had more income to improve their conditions. 194 new jobs provided extra employment opportunities and 4,815 farmers were able to improve their yields through technical support and training in sustainable agriculture. 


Joining forces

These wonderful results were made possible because of all of you. Also on behalf of our entrepreneurs, we would like to thank you for this! It shows that if we do it together, we can achieve so much more and really make a difference. That’s what PlusPlus is about. And we have only just begun...